Here in the islands life is based on fishing- an industry under threat from fish stock collapse due to overfishing. How will we feed ourselves and our guests when there is no more fish? The Tao farm project is a working model of a natural food production called Permaculture, where humans don't fight against nature but understand it, work with it and live within it.

We believe in self-sufficiency. Reviving the knowledge of farming traditions before fuel and chemical products.  Using new technologies and techniques to replace the unsustainable agriculture.

©Scott_Sporleder_-_Tao_Hi-Rez-32We need to adapt. Islanders have been reliant on the sea for so long, we now need to learn about the land and how it can sustain future generations of healthy families.

©Scott_Sporleder_-_Tao_Hi-Rez-34Traditional slash and burn agriculture was perhaps sustainable when Palawan was sparsely populated. However, the islands’ population has increased more than tenfold over the past seventy years. Now not only is it destroying the Philippines’ last remaining forests but it releases huge amount of carbon into the atmosphere, exposes fragile topsoil to tropical heat and heavy monsoon rains.

DCIM100MEDIAThe Tao farm is one-third recovering forest on the upper slopes to capture the rains and hydrate the land, one-third mixed fruit orchard on the mid slopes and then the lower areas are terraced for intensive cropping.

The Farm is an experimental project, recovering its natural landscape from destructive agriculture.

Tourism relies heavily on the global political and economic situation, which we have little control over. So we are doing our best to produce food and secure water supply, good insurance in case tourism can no longer provide.