Sailing Tao Experience


Experience the ultimate Tao expedition aboard the newest member of our fleet, a traditional Paraw sailboat. The Sailing Paraw Expedition is similar to a regular Open Expedition, but is set on a stunning 74-foot sailboat, the largest Paraw in the Philippines.

Appreciate the serenity of travelling under a full sail, meandering along our usual route through the beautiful Linapacan group from Coron to El Nido and vice versa.

The expedition combines stretches of pure sailing with time for exploring the islands, reefs, and villages along the way. During times of less wind we motor-sail between our island destinations.

Navigating the adventure is our crew of Tao barefoot sailors, who were among the traditional craftsmen that built the Paraw.

Dive off the outriggers to snorkel around coral reefs and WWII shipwrecks; clamber through caves; stroll along abandoned beaches; socialize with locals and tune-in to the tranquil pace of island life. Each meal is prepared by our amazing cooks with freshly caught seafood and local organic produce.

At the end of each day, we dock in one of the Tao base-camps. Each one has its own personality, a raw untouched island, a fishing village, an organic farm or our hidden jungle lodge.


October 2018 – June 2019

Rate per person 630 29,900
Rate per person (Peak Season) 730 35,900

Peak Season Departure Dates:
Dec 21 – Jan 08 – PreXmas, Xmas/NY, PostNY
Feb 03 – Feb 09 – Lunar NY
Apr 14 – Apr 21 – Easter

*PHP Payment only available for Philippine Residence
All payments are managed by Kultura Adventure Pte Ltd

What is included and not included?


» 5 days of travel
» 4 night Tao Style Camping
» The wild open nature and island living
» All freshly prepared meals, drinks and snacks
» Happy hour Sunset Cocktails
» Mask and Snorkels (No Fins)
» 1 Complimentary massage in our base-camp


» Fins, Towels
» Accommodation before and after the trip
» Tip for the crew
» Perfect weather
» All drinks on board – beer, cocktails, Cola/Juice: 80 Cents – US$ 1.20
» All payment/bank fees (including corresponding bank fees)
» Php200 El Nido Eco-Tourism Development Fee (ETDF) – valid for 10 days

* Bring cash upon checking in for alcoholic drinks and merchandise. Recommended amount – 3000PHP – 5000PHP per person.


Why is this boat so special?

This vessel is truly unique. Adorned with tribal carvings, it is a revival of an almost forgotten Filipino maritime culture. The design of the Bangkas with two outriggers and no deep keel can be dated back for more than 1000 years, navigating shallow reefs between the islands. They were used for transporting cargo and passengers but went into rapid decline when engines became widely available in the 1970s. Our Paraw was built to keep the tradition of sailing alive in Palawan. Exploiting the shared knowledge of historians and sailors, it took our team of local craftsmen two years to build, from design to completion in April 2014.

Gener, whose father and grandfather were both boat sailors, is the originator of the Paraw project and our boat captain. He is teaching local youth sailing and navigational techniques. “A return to sailing makes sense – our marine environment is under threat and fuel prices are rising. Learning to sail again will help Palaweños escape dependence on gasoline and diesel while, at the same time, fostering a deeper understanding and respect for the sea.”

Who is the trip for?

No sailing experience necessary. We encourage a wide mix of ages within the group, from old time adventurers, short break professionals to first time travelers- they all make the good atmosphere onboard, there is no upper age limit – all you need is an adventurous spirit and ability to swim. Unfortunately Open Group Expeditions are not suitable for travelers under 14.

How big are the groups?

The Tao Paraw can accommodate up to 24 guests and 10 crew.

What time of year is good to visit?

Our regular 5day/4night Sailing Tao Experiences run from October to June. There are two main seasons in the Philippines, “Amihan”-North East winds which bring the dry season run from October to May, this is our high season and generally good sailing weather. The “Habagat”-South East winds which bring the rainy season run from June to September, so expect some rainy days if you are travelling during these months.

The Paraw is dry-docked July to September for annual maintenance. For more information on the weather please read the advice in the travel information section.

When do trips Depart and Arrive?

The Sailing trips depart every Friday from either El Nido or Coron, the application form will give you a choice of departures close to your date.

All Expeditions DEPART [start] at 8.30 a.m. from the Tao office in either El Nido or Coron.
All Expeditions ARRIVE [end] between 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. at the pier/port of El Nido or Coron.

What time is Check-in and Briefing?

You are required to CHECK-IN and attend the group BRIEFING at 18:00h (6pm) the day before your departure in the Tao office in either El Nido or Coron.

Please present a valid photo ID upon checking in.

Any other information I need to know?

Take a look at the Travel Information section at the bottom of the main page. Here you will find useful information and answers to questions for travel in Palawan, flight information, accommodation recommendations, packing lists and everything else you need to know.

Warning: This journey is not for everyone!

It might be bad weather, it might be rough waves, limited privacy, barking Dogs, crowing roosters, mosquito bites, jellyfish stings, sunburns. But that is the nature of the Tao, the unexpected, the unknown, stepping outside your comfort zone, diving into the experience. We love it, but we understand that this is not everyone’s idea of a holiday.

Before applying to take part in this experience you must understand that what Tao offers is not a tour or a hotel. We do not guarantee that you will have a nice relaxing time. In fact we do not guarantee anything. You have to go with the flow and ultimately you are the deciding factor in the experience you have with Tao. This is a sociable trip for sociable people. You have to know that we only offer 50% of the experience, we offer the tools and framework for you to discover for yourself the true island culture of this remote tropical archipelago. The other 50% comes from you, your enthusiasm, your adventurous spirit, your conversation, YOU are the deciding factor.



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Please choose the month you want to travel, then you get a list with all available dates for that month, you can browse through the list with the buttons “EARLIER” or “LATER”. Select the date you want, then you get the choice to pick up an alternate date. Subsequent we will ask you for some personal information who you are and why you want to travel with us and who else you want to bring with you.

After sending the booking form you will get an automatic confirmation mail. Please check your entry mail and make sure that mails from the server “” will not be rejected by your spam filter!

Dates that are full and have a long wait list will no longer appear on the calendar.

If you don’t hear from us within 3 days, please send an email to [email protected].