Private Group Tao Experience

Disconnect from the rest of the world and enjoy the luxury of solitude for a few days. Our Private Group Experiences are bespoke trips where you can get lost in the islands with your own group of friends or family on a free flowing journey of adventure.

Hop onboard your own private Native Bangka Boat (not the sailboat) kitted with all the essentials and local crew and off you go! Your expedition leader is your guide on your quest for adventure or whatever you are looking for.

With a private trip you and your group can spend the days doing whatever you like best; swimming and snorkeling all day, or lazing on a hammock with a good book- its up to you.

Your chef will take you to gather fresh ingredients from the islands to cook healthy meals of seafood and whatever else you find, ensuring a constant flow of tropical treats and icy beers from the kitchen.

At night, set up camp in one of the rustic Tao basecamps, bask in the sunset with rum cocktails, enjoy a traditional massage from the village and listen to the sounds of nature.

For shorter trips, you can check our 3 days and 2 nights

El Nido Island Private Safari

Private trips

5 days / 4 nights Boat Expedition between El Nido and Coron
3 days / 2 nights El Nido Safari – boat expedition around El Nido
3 days / 2 nights Busuanga Safari – boat expedition around Busuanga

Expedition Inclusions and Exclusions

» 5 days of travel
» 4 night Tao Style Camping
» The wild open nature and island living
» Freshly prepared meals, snacks, and drinks
» Mask and Snorkels (No Fins)

Extra payments you need to expect:
*On-board bar for drinks and merchandise. We use credited cashless wallets. Recommended top up amount – 3000PHP – 5000PHP per person.

» Fins, Towels
» Accommodation before and after the trip
» Tip for the crew
» Perfect weather
» Bank charges

ETDF(Eco-Tourism Development Fee)
» Php200 Linapacan
» Php200 El Nido

*ETDF are compulsory individual taxes by the local governments for everyone local and foreign visitors. Collected before getting in the port. Tao cannot shoulder these payments as the receipts must be released to individuals.

* Bring cash upon checking in for alcoholic drinks and merchandise. Recommended amount – 3000PHP – 5000PHP per person.


Who is the trip for?

Families with children [we suggest 5 years of age or older] or large groups of friends who want to charter a whole boat. There is no upper age limit, as long as you have an adventurous attitude and basic ability to swim. WARNING: make sure that everyone you are planning to invite independently wants to join in independently. There is nothing worse than being dragged along on this experience just because everyone else is going. The Tao concept does not work like this because the experience can be ruined for everyone else!

How big are the groups?

We run the private trips on boats of different sizes. Group numbers can range from 10-24 guests. However if you are less than 10 people you still have to pay the minimum rate that includes 10 people. If you are a smaller group or a couple then check out our Private El Nido Island Safari or consider joining on an Open Group.

A: 5 Days Expedition

Can we Charter the Native Sailing Paraw for a Private Group?

Yes, although you must reserve the dates well in advance before slots are offered for Open Group Experiences.

When do trips Depart and Arrive?

Private Expeditions are flexible especially during low season, so let us know your travel dates and we can give you options to choose from.

Departures and arrivals are flexible but usually Depart [start] between 8:30am from the port/pier of either El Nido or Coron and arrive [end] between 5pm- 6pm at the destination port/pier.

What time is Check-in and Briefing?

You are required to CHECK-IN and attend the group briefing the day before your departure in the Tao Office in either El Nido or Coron. Briefing is usually at 5PM but private groups can adjust their check-in time in advance via email. Please present a valid photo ID upon checking in.

Any other information I need to know?

Everything you need to know is at the Tao Travel Information section found at the bottom of our Homepage. Here you will find useful information and answers to questions for travel in Palawan, flight information, accommodation recommendations, packing lists, and everything else.

Warning: This journey is not for everyone!

It might be bad weather, it might be rough waves, limited privacy, barking Dogs, crowing roosters, mosquito bites, jellyfish stings, sunburns. But that is the nature of the Tao, the unexpected, the unknown, stepping outside of your comfort zone, diving into the experience. We love it, but we understand that this is not everyone’s idea of a holiday.

Before applying to take part in this experience you must understand that what Tao offers is not a tour or a hotel. We do not guarantee that you will have a nice relaxing time. In fact we do not guarantee anything. You have to go with the flow and ultimately you are the deciding factor in this whole experience you have with Tao. This is a sociable trip for sociable people. You have to know that we only offer 50% of the experience, we offer you the tools and framework for you to discover for yourself the true island culture of this remote tropical archipelago. The other 50% comes from you, your enthusiasm, your adventurous spirit, your conversation, YOU are the deciding factor.



Start your application by selecting your desired month of travel then choose a date from the list. Colors indicate availability per expedition. Dates that are full and have a long wait list will no longer appear on the calendar.



Select your desired month of travel and browse through available expedition dates. You may also opt to choose alternate dates. After selecting your preferences, help us get to know you more by filling up some personal information. Let us know why you want to journey with us and who else is coming with you.


After accomplishing the booking form, wait for an automized confirmation email with the following steps. Be sure that emails from the server “” are not be rejected by your spam filter! If you don’t hear from us within 3 days, please send an email to and we’ll sort things out as soon as possible.