Tao Island


The NEW project from Tao Philippines. We have taken over an abandoned resort on the remote protected island of Manguengey in Busuanga, Northern Palawan.

Camp NgeyNgey

Camp Ngey! Ngey! is our Robinson Crusoe-style island camp. It’s raw paradise, offering an experience for those who understand the luxury of simplicity and looking for disconnection from the adult world.

The camp is built from the remains of the old resort mixed with Tao signature bamboo structures. We used the reclaimed typhoon-wrecked buildings and old furniture to build a playful mix of private and sociable spaces.

Wake up every morning in your own open sided bamboo ‘Tuka’ hut catching the ocean breeze, jump out and run down to the crystal clear waters for a morning dip.

Gather to eat together family style in the panoramic Kusina, the camps island restaurant, with the Tao Chefs cooking up fresh fish caught by our island neighbours and produce from the Tao organic farm on the mainland.

Explore the island: The camp is on the main beach with jungle trails to trek to the other 3 wild beaches. windswept cliffs and hidden caves. The island is encompassed by crystal blue waters, snorkelling the preserved reefs teaming with life.

No room service, No wifi, No worries, Welcome to Camp Ngey Ngey: a Neverland for escapees searching for a break from the noise of the modern world.



 Stay at Camp Ngey Ngey!
2DAY / 2NIGHT  [promotion special] 250 203 179 12,950

Minimum stay on the island is 2 nights.

Peak Season: add 20%; 
Dec 20 – Jan 10 – PreXmas, Xmas/NY, PostNY
Feb 12 – Feb 18 – Lunar NY
Mar 25 – Mar 31 – Easter

 *PHP Payment only available for Philippine Residence
All payments are managed by Kultura Adventure Pte Ltd

How do I get there?

Scheduled transfers from Coron town are included in the price of your stay. Trips depart from the Tao office in Coron town. Meeting time is 12 noon. 40mins by road to the village of Sagrada followed by 40mins boat ride to the island. 

How is this experience different from the expedition?

As our expeditions are action packed, you are moving all the time and see many different places.
Camp Ngey Ngey is for those wanting a little more laid back and slower place. You journey here, stay in one place and spend your time doing whatever you want. Kayak, snorkel and explore, or find a hammock and bliss out.

Can I combine a stay on the island with an expedition?

Yes. You can combine a stay on the island with either a regular 5 day expedition or special 3 day Expedition.
Combination 3 day expeditions start every Monday from either Coron or El Nido.
Island Retreat Expedition Combo

Can I reserve the whole island for a private gathering?

This is a perfect getaway for groups of friends and mini events. The freedom of a far away isolated island and all the tropical clichés you could wish for.

We regularly host weekend events here, starting the day of swimming and beach lounging, then progressing to sunset cocktails, dress-up dinner feast and followed by dancing until dawn!

Or you can do a weekend of sober holistic getaway, we don’t mind!

We are flexible, we can offer a festival-style gathering for up to 50 people or a more bespoke get together for up to 30.

For more information and prices, please send an email to [email protected].

Whats included and not included?


» Journey to and from the island [Coron town returning to Coron town] – (departing 12noon, returning before 5pm)
» 2 nights ‘tuka’ hut accommodation on the island camp
» Shared toilet and shower facilities

» All freshly prepared meals, drinks and snacks
» Kayaks, Masks and Snorkels and fins for you to use



» Fins, towels, alcoholic drinks and other drinks from the bar

» All payment/bank fees (including corresponding bank fees)


*Drinks available from the bar so bring some pocket money.

What do I have to bring with me?

» Pack a small bag, you dont need much.
» Beach clothes
» Swimming suit
» Towel [we dont provide towels]
» Sarong, sun hat, sunglasses
» Bring some pocket money for drinks from the bar 
» A dry bag for electronics [camera etc] 
» A flashlight for when the lights go out
» Dont bring unessesary valuables
» Excess luggage can be left at our Coron office

Any other information I need to know?

Take a look at the Travel information section at the bottom of the main page. Here you will find useful information and answers to your questions for travel to Coron [Busuanga], flight information, packing lists and anything else you need to know.

Can I organize a private transfer to the island?

(Scheduled departure for Stay at Camp NgeyNgey only or if you missed your departure time)
Public Shuttle Van Transfer
» 150 PHP per person, from Busuanga Airport to Coron town or vice versa
» 150 PHP per person, from Coron town to Sagrada village or vice versa – departs at 11am and 3pm

From Busuanga Airport;
(Private transfer to Camp NgeyNgey)

Private Shuttle Van Transfer: 
Take a Private van directly to the village of Sagrada followed by 40mins boat ride.
» 2000 PHP (up to 8 people), from Coron town to Sagrada village or vice versa
» 2500 PHP (up to 8 people), from Busuanga Airport to Sagrada village or vice versa.

Private Boat Transfer: 
» 1500 PHP – 2000 PHP (up to 8 people), from Sagrada village to Camp NgeyNgey or vice versa
» 8,000 PHP (up to 5 people), from Coron to Camp NgeyNgey with Island Hopping. 
» 4,000 PHP (up to 5 people), from Camp NgeyNgey island hopping around West Busuanga.

All flights arriving in the afternoon will need private transfer or spend a night in Coron Town for next day scheduled departure from Tao office. This is not included in the price of your stay.

Is this experience for me?

We don’t want to be a resort. We consider Camp Ngey Ngey as our playground, a working project, and experiment in doing something fun and different. Seeing what works and sometimes failing in the process.

Tao’s expertise is in gathering travellers and providing a social atmosphere in a relaxed setting. Enjoying the luxury of open nature over generic globalised creature comfort development.

Before deciding to take part in this experience you must understand that what Tao offers is not a resort or a hotel. We are not interested in becoming one.

We value the close connection to the natural world. Anything that blocks this connection you will not find on the island. We have limited fresh water and shared bathrooms. Limited electricity and no Wifi but we have the sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the starry skies on offer.

We love it but we understand that its not everyones idea of a good time…. is it yours?


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Please choose the month you want to travel, then you get a list with all available dates for that month, you can browse through the list with the buttons “EARLIER” or “LATER”. Select the date you want, then you get the choice to pick up an alternate date. Subsequent we will ask you for some personal information who you are and why you want to travel with us and who else you want to bring with you.

After sending the booking form you will get an automatic confirmation mail. Please check your entry mail and make sure that mails from the server “taophilippines.com” will not be rejected by your spam filter!

Dates that are full and have a long wait list will no longer appear on the calendar.

If you don’t hear from us within 3 days, please send an email to [email protected].