Tuka Lodge at Tao Farm

Beach Cove El Nido

We offer a place where you can appreciate a break from all the usual tourist offers. We attract those who appreciate our simple island lifestyle and those who enjoy social gathering of travelers. We cultivate the landscape to nurture all the senses.


Find luxury in open nature, disconnection and social interaction.
Tao Farm is a proud flagship of a Social Design project using tourism as a tool to create business with the community, education and training system, food production and sustainable architecture.

The Tuka lodges are simple bamboo sleeping hut, a unique architecture made from locally grown materials. These huts are designed with a sense of place, a feel of open nature and a luxury of simplicity.

All of our developments and building complies with the very strict conservation license from the Department of Environment. Toilets and showers are communal, with limited electricity, waste restriction and a clear sustainable development.

From El nido town an hour drive north to the coast of San Fernanado. Accessible by boat or walking trail to a secluded 700 meter long white beach lined with lush trees and palms, known to locals as Pangaraycayan.

Central part of the cove is where we culminate guest activities and our local workspace. We have the Kantina that serves as dining and bar, there is bakery wing, butcher and fermentation area. This is a busy trading post for local farmers delivering their produce. Tao Foundation Building houses the women association and their workshops. Here is where we offer massages, the organic oil, soap/shampoo lab and local craft shop. There is also a lecture space, gallery and open floor for sports or yoga activity.
One end of the cove serves as an expedition camp for our boat trips. Strategic mid stop for essential water supply, farm produce and our community project presentation.

The inland springs supply us with mineral water, good drinking water source and the lifeline to our gardens where we grow native vegetables that supply the kitchen of our boats and Kantina.. We welcome all guests to explore our food production and innovative conservation solution from our farm team.




3DAYS/2NIGHTS (REGULAR RATE)                                     300.00
3DAYS/2NIGHTS (PEAK RATE)                                             350.00
2 NIGHTS STAY AS ADD-ON TO EXPEDITION                   200.00

*Peak Season Departure Dates:
Christmas – New Year Holidays: from December 20 to January 5
Lunar NY: from February 3 to February 9
Holy Week / Easter: from April 14 to April 21

What do we have and not have in the island

What we have:
» Tuka bamboo hut with 2×2-meter mattress and a wide mosquito net
» Shared toilet and shower facilities
» Freshly prepared meals, snacks, and drinks (drinking water, tea, coffee)
» Mask, Snorkel and kayaks
» Bar selling alcoholic drinks and sodas.
» sarongs instead of towels

We don’t have:
» Fins, towels
» Unlimited water supply
» Unlimited electricity (on at night for 4-6 hours)
» Unlimited WiFi (slow internet, available for quick booking and emails, no wifi zombies in the lounges)

What do I have to bring with me?

» Pack a small bag, you don’t need much.
» Beach clothes
» Swimming suit
» Towel [we don’t provide towels]
» Sarong, sun hat, sunglasses
» Bring some pocket money for drinks from the bar
» A dry bag for electronics [camera etc.]
» A flashlight for when the lights go out
» Don’t bring unnecessary valuables
» Excess luggage can be left at our El Nido office

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in: 9AM – 5PM

*Please proceed to our El Nido Office for check-in.
*You can depart early at El Nido office and lounge at the farm, but your room will be available by 1PM.


Check-out: 12NN – 5PM

*Room check out is 12NN but you can stay at the farm until 5PM.



From El Nido Office to Farm

Daily: 10am, 1pm, 4/5pm


From Farm to El Nido Office

Daily: 9am, 12nn, 5/6pm


For more information please contact us: farm@taophilippines.com